Some information about me…

Hello I am Rita. I’ve had the ability to see future events for as long as I can remember. I have appeared on television, radio and worked with numerous celebrities from film, television, sport and politics.clairvoyant rita

For many years I was the resident Psychic at the Trafford Centre, one of Britain’s leading retail outlets and a major tourist destination.  

For well over 40 years I have travelled far and wide, providing guidance and helping people with their situations and decision making. During this time I have come across many strange encounters in relation to psychic happenings and felt the presence of many soul’s on their journeying through space and time.

I do not have just one guide, there are many that use me, with my capacity to see and feel the unknown.

When you use my abilities, your own guides will often intervene in the reading. What they have for you, is what I will give to you, but do not expect it to make sense at that moment, “it will come out in the end” – it takes time for forces to work their magic.  They are always around, when they want to be, but it is best that they come and go, so that you can be master of your own fate.

Never forget life is a journey of the soul and a soul is an individual, which is on its own course through the universe. Guides will point out to you their directions, however, it is with your own free will (soul) the chances you have to take, the choices you decide upon are all part of your souls journey.


Blessings and regards Rita.