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  • “Will all this hard work pay off in my career?”
  • “What are the chances my promotion will come in?”
  • “Have I made the right choices in my work life?”

Love & Romance


  • “Is my current relationship really the one, or are we astrologically ill matched and fated to cause each other upset and anguish?”
  • “Will I ever find true love?”
  • “Why do I always seem to pick the wrong type?”



  • “Why am I always so stressed & anxious?”
  •  “Can I do anything help improve recovery from illness & disease?”



  • “What can I do to provide financial stability for my loved ones?”
  • “How come I never seem to have any luck with regards to money?”



  • “Could this be the adventure of a lifetime?”
  • “Should I move and start elsewhere?”

Do you have questions in your life and need astrological guidance on what the answers are or how you should go about solving them?

Provide Rita with a little information, name, date of birth, your email address and a question you really want answers to and she will consult your birth chart and respond with what the planets and stars say.

Perhaps you have a question regarding another person, simply provide their date of birth and she will consult the Ephemeris to ascertain the planets influences & perform in depth analysis to provide you with great insight.

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